Hormone & Medical Weight Loss Treatment For Women

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? 

  • Low energy
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Brain fog
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
With a simple blood test, we can uncover hormone imbalances that may be at the root of these symptoms. 

With hormone optimization and medical weight loss we can not only have you feeling better but looking like your ideal self.

Medical Weight Loss

On average, women lose between 2-3 pounds of body fat per week with our medical weight loss strategy. The program includes a mild stimulant that helps increase your metabolism while decreasing your appetite.

We also provide a fat burner injection to help metabolize stored body fat. The medical weight loss program will include your nutrition strategy and a custom workout that can be performed at home.

"I highly recommend this place to everyone because My results are Amazing and My body transformation is outstanding I can not express enough how the Institute of vitality has been vital in reaching my goal.

I have reached heights I never dreamt possible being under his care and because of his care I can say I am a new person with a new body. I look 10 years younger and feel fantastic.

It all started because I needed a change I was feeling sick and literally tired all the time and I also was not seeing the results I was hoping for with diet and exercise. But now with

I love my results. Thank you!"
Brenda Ruiz
Real Estate Agent