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Have you felt like you have low energy levels or have been extra stressed? Does it take days or more after sex before you have the power to do it again?

The chances are high that you are suffering from a lack of testosterone.

You are not alone. Most men notice a slow & steady decline of testosterone starting after the age of 30. Low levels of testosterone can affect your relationship, career, and overall health or self-confidence.

It is possible to regain that flight or fight energy level you used to have when you were younger. Come in for a consultation at Whitefish Vitality and see what we can do for you.

Prerequisites For Testosterone Treatment

  • Complete physical with screening labs
  • Two consecutive testosterone am labs without supplements, testosterone meds or treatments
  • Testosterone levels less than 300

The treatment plan may include Testosterone injections, topical, Comid, and HCG.

Decline Of Testosterone In Men Over The Last 30 Years

Did you know that 30 years ago, around the 1980s, the average 30-year-old man’s testosterone level was around 700?

Today, the average 30-year-old man’s testosterone level is about 400. below 400 is considered a health risk, because low testosterone has been medically linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Who Has The Lowest Levels Of Testosterone?

  • Men who are married with kids and over 30 years old
  • Men who are married over 30 years old

The everyday stress of life with kids and marriage have produced men with testosterone levels as low as 10, a man with a level of 200 or lower may feel like a walking zombie.

If you are developing or have a ‘daddy belly’, chances are high you also have low testosterone.

Things That Affect Testosterone Levels

Relationship stress; arguing, fighting, resentment… can all lead to a lower testosterone level.  Things like a stressful job or excessive alcohol drinking can greatly affect a man’s testosterone level.

Studies have shown that married men with children have the lowest testosterone levels.

How Much Does Testosterone Treatment Cost?

It varies per person, however, compared to other medical clinics in the Whitefish area, we have been known to have cash (non-insurance) prices that are fairly priced compared to other clinics.

Since low levels have been linked to increased risk of heart disease, and heart attacks kill 30% of all men, testosterone treatment therapy is sometimes covered by insurance, however, due to the complexities testosterone treatment causes with insurance companies, like most clinics, we do not take insurance for testosterone treatment. It is cash only.


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